Letter To VIPs

Dear Fellow VIPs,

Welcome to this long awaited boundary breaking NFT + Gamefi project!

Forget about all the fancy words, Web 3.0, metaverse, staking, DAO, etc. Our aim is very simple, we just want to make a fun poker game once and for all!

For the past few years, we have witnessed an unprecedented change in how people do everything with the revolutionary blockchain and NFT technology. However, we are yet to find a good card game built on blockchain.

With the advancement of NFT technology and popularity of NFT collectables, we think the true beauty of NFTs lies in the utilities and functionalities they can carry, to build an energetic and like-minded community with rich contents. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here, not a short-term hype, but an ecosystem that’s sustainable with longevity.

The future of the ROOM will be up to the holders and players of the campaign. We just want you to enjoy the fun without all the hustles and we can take it from here, how to shape the ROOM to make it better and better is up to all of you!

Yours Truly,

The Developer Team

About NFT – So why the ROOM NFT

The ROOM NFT is a key feature within a decentralised, community-driven online poker platform, namely the VIP Card Room. The game project will be heavily powered by strong token-economy and P2E structure.
NFT is also the step one on this journey! We are launching the NFT to build the community and listen to your feedback!
The NFT will be  a collection of 10,000 unique ERC-721 token living on Ethereum chain. Each NFT is one of a kind masterpiece with different degree of rarity.
Buying the ROOM NFT is not just investing a piece of art, but owning a FULL membership access to the ROOM, with loads of awesome benefits. The NFT will also have special tailor-made tributes to the gameplay, which will be reveal in the next phase!
Your NFT and token ownership will bring you the following


Ticket To Win

The Biggest advantage is our NFT works as an admission to our phase 2 P2E game which is an exciting and player-friendly online poker room. Every NFT holder is entitled to play in our freeroll game with prize pool up to 50K USD each day. 

In-Game Feature

Depending on the level of rarity, certain special perks are embedded in our NFTs which the holders can enjoy when playing the game. Features like the use of time bank, the free display of river card, rake back and many more will increase your chance of winning the game. Meaning you will get some of your wagered money back. Also rare NFTs are often more sought after in secondary market so price will be marked differently.

Exclusive Access To Token Drop

We will be running a lucky draw and airdrop before introducing our token and only NFT holders are invited to participate to win token & NFTs. More details of such event will be revealed in a later stage of the project.


Token is an internal currency in the ROOM and will be listed in major crypto exchanges to ensure liquidity. We encourage our players to spend the token when paying for the in-game rake as 20% discount will always be given regardless of the market price of the token.


Holders will have an option to stake their tokens in the game. Staked tokens will earn their holders an additional income. 10% of the token are reserved for staking pool and all profits from platform will be re-distributed to increase the pool size. Our aim is always to build a strong community so that all our holders can benefit from the growth of this project. 

Our Team


  • Our NFTs are unique tokens created on Ethereum blockchain, that bring multi-utility benefits to their owners in the upcoming game platform.
  • The official launch date of NFT minting will be in Q1 2022. Before the official launch, there will be a private sale to certain VIP numbers, by invitation only.
  • You can get our NFTs by minting, airdrop, and from Opensea.
  • The initial price for Whitelisted Pre-sale is 0.1ETH + gas fee.
  • 10,000 NFTs will be minted.
  • You can mint using Metamask, a decentralized trustworthy e-wallet.
  • We are a team of game developers with an experience of more than 10 years in gaming industry. We are also backed up by several major gaming companies with strong resources in poker community, both online and offline.
  • We will carry out certain marketing campaigns in 1H2022 and the game will be launched in 2H2022. Stay tuned!